EXCLUSIVE: Akothee is Allegedly Bankrupt

Popular Kenyan artist Akothee known for flaunting her flashy lifestyle on social media platforms is now being reported to be bankrupt.

Several websites have been highlighting her wealth status which includes 3 houses in Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nairobi. It is also known that she has a house in Zurich, Switzerland. This also includes her good lineup of vehicles in her houses.

Her children, too, are known for living large as their mother shows how good life can be on her social media platforms.

One source, however, indicated that things have changed for Akothee for the worse. Speaking exclusively to, the controversial artist is bankrupt.

The source indicated that she doesn’t have any running business at the moment and is currently depending on her foundation, Akothee Foundation. The charity organization has been donating relief food to families in Mtwapa which are affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Her house in Switzerland, for example, reportedly belongs to a friend of hers yet she claims that it is hers. In addition, our source also reveals that she doesn’t pay semester fees at her university in Europe as it only costs 200 Euros per semester.

Our source goes on to state that students there get jobs which apparently proves that her daughter gets by on her own without her mother’s aid.

This, however, doesn’t mean she did not have money. According to our source, she actually had money but misused it which has brought her to her current situation.

Here are the screenshots of our conversation with the source:

Do you guys think Akothee is broke? Does her lifestyle on social media raise any suspicion? Let us know in the comments below.

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