Excitement As Mayweather Charges Fans Ksh. 20k For A Selfie

Legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather is back again with some pretty shenanigans this time subjecting his fans to extravagant expenditures in any single engagement they secure with him.

The retired prolific boxing champion is scheduled for a tour in the United Kingdom and has made it ritzy for any fan that looks forward to hobnob with him.

Just to meet him when he lands, one will be compelled to scoop some good £38, which equals Ksh 5,000.

For a single selfie session, one will be required to part with £150, equivalent to Ksh 20,000.

Now that just meeting and having Mayweather for a selfie would not be memorable enough, the chance of a fan having him at a table sharing some dinner will leave the fan giving out £2,500, equivalent to Ksh 330,000.

Yes, that is Mayweather, a human being born just like you but him from the United States.

This however will not be the first time Mayweather flaunts his affluence, considering that that he tops the Forbes list of best paid athletes in the universe.

He earlier in January shown off his super expensive glass jacket valued at $17,000 dollars, equivalent to Ksh. 1.7 million.

Going by the reports compiled by Forbes, Mayweather’s net worth stands at $915 million dollars, which equates to Ksh 92 billion.

The UK tour will commence on March 8 and is eagerly waited to see if fans will give in to the rip off.

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