Eric Omondi and Jalang’o Exposed By Nairobi Women

Comedians Eric Omondi and Jalang’o do not have it as a secret after the women they side-played while in known relationships came out to spill the beans.

Through Instagram star Edgar Obare, the women confessed of having the two and a bunch of others including Fred Omondi and Sleepy David.

For Jalang’o, he cheated on one Immaculate Karanja who said the comedian never empty-handedly gets out of the gigs he attends or hosts, at the time dating his wife Amina Chao. With his big name and affluence, Jalang’o is a real killer.

Immaculate Karanja

Here are the screenshots from YouTuber Edgar Obare:

Eric Omondi could not be left out of the list of the tough cookies. While he was dating his Italian lover Chantal Grazioli, the President of African comedy always found other ways. To be “clean” from any suspicion, he found solace in his brother’s -Fred Omondi- house. Fred was either not a saint.

Hillarious Sleepy David was also not left out of the chain. For him, his stature in the Churchill Show was to be his tool. A lady narrated how she could not fall for his advances. Sleepy allegedly offered to host the lady in one of the shows. After the show ended, he persuaded her to accompany her to his place and on noting his motive, the lady devised a way out. He sources his catches among his followers on Instagram.

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