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Environment Activists Want Koroga Festival Moved Out of Hell’s Gate

The Conservation Alliance of Kenya now wants the organizers of the upcoming Koroga Festival to be moved out of Hell’s Gate National Park.

In a press release, the alliance considers the event to be held between 13th to 15th February 2020 as unacceptable. They also add that it violates the laws and regulations on wildlife conservation and management.

The three days events dubbed the Naivasha Love Festival 2020 from the 13th to 15th February 2020 which has events planned inside Hells Gate National Park is unacceptable, violates laws and regulations on wildlife conservation and management and will have negative impacts on the nesting raptors and put at risk the security innocent Kenyans, and the respect for the privacy and security of the wildlife in their only habitat.

Conservation Alliance of Kenya

The Conservation Alliance of Kenya has raised concerns to the National Environment Management Authority. According to them, NEMA has requested the organizers to provide a detailed assessment of potential impacts and clearance approval from KWS; requirements they are yet to meet.

27th Edition of the Koroga Festival

The public is now being warned that attending the festival in the park risks one’s safety from the law.

Hell’s Gate National Park, established in 1984, is popular nationally and globally for biking, bird watching, camping, game viewing, hiking and rock-climbing events.

Organizers of the event dubbed Naivasha Love Festival are being requested to find an alternative location within Naivasha.

The Alliance is a member-driven non-profit umbrella organization for conservation NonGovernmental Organizations in Kenya with shared interests to advance the preservation, protection and management of wildlife and its habitats.

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