Emotional Man Recounts How His Ex-Girlfriend Tore His Birth,KCSE,KCPE, Undergraduate Certificates Into Pieces After Break Up

An emotional twitter user took to his account to recount how his girlfriend shredded his school certificates into pieces. He advised men to vet their partner’s mental capacity before entering any relationships. The user @somambia shared a picture of his, now worthless, certificates.

He claims that she tore all his documents including; his KCPE Certificate,KCSE Certificate,Undergraduate Certificate, MBA Certificate,Birth Certificate,Work Contracts, Company documents.

All my documents, kcpe,kcse,undergrad and Mba, birth certs,work contracts, company documents etc

Read part of the tweet

Tweeps have since reacted to the tweet with some questioning the cause of their break up.

Here are some of the online reactions;

Black Panda: Society will say “he must have done sth”.
You seek legal assistance, she still wins
Hapa ndo mwanaume huchukua sheria mkononi to implement his own justice .
Then it gets messy.

Kijomba: and you need like 45K to fetch new ones

Miss Sherry: I have spent more than 10k on one certificate .. just one … Affidavit.. statements.. travelling and pesa ya knec.. weuh sasa Hadi transcripts utado???

Oneko Arika: People are walking around in bodies rotting from the inside. The saddest part is that they don’t realize it. Lazima akue makanisa kanisa. Maybe I am wrong. Labda @somambia a confirm….

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