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Elodie Now Claims She Is In Good Terms With Nviiri, Blames Her Recent Rant On Alcohol

Youtuber Elodie Zone, after a burst up and damning revelations about physical abuse in her relationship with Nviiri, now blames alcohol and bloggers for blowing things out of proportion. She claims that they had travelled to the coast with Nviiri to make peace with each other before things went out of hand. The Instagram queen claims her posts were fueled by tension and an afternoon of ‘a few too many drinks’.

‘Nviiri and I came to the coast with our friends to unwind, realx and make peace with each other. When I made my post it was fueled by tension and an afternoon of few too many drinks,’ read part of her statement.

The Niko Sawa vixen states that they were taken aback by the kind of attention that her Instagram stories attracted, blaming bloggers and blogging sites for misinterpreting her posts. She alleges that the misinformation has affected their careers and family lives.

Netizens had grown concerned after the YouTuber claimed that she was put through physical, verbal and emotional abuse by the Sol Generation signee. A faction had however maintained that this was a publicity stunt purposefully to hype an upcoming project by the two.

Elodie has called on Kenyans not to hate on her or Nviiri, assuring them that everything is now okay. She affirmed to her fans that they are now in good terms and will be rolling out more spectacular projects together.

‘We are both moving moving forward with full respect and peace and plan to continuing the year focused on our lives only.’

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