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Elodie Accuses Nviiri Of Physically Abusing Her

Instagram Queen Elodie Zone, who has for a long time been rumuored to be dating Sol Generation star Nviiri The Storyteller, treated her fans to a flurry of Instagram stories accusing the Niko Sawa hit maker for physically abusing her. In one of her now viral Instagram stories, Elodie made a strong statement against physical, mental, emotional and verbal abuse against women. She went on to clarify that she was not in a relationship with the musician and that they just bumped on each other at the Coast.

‘Physical, Mental, Verbal and emotional abuse towards women is unacceptable. I want to make it clear that I am NOT dating Nviiri. We just met in Coast, but the reason that I left him is the same reason that has come up as we are “respectful friends”,’ her statement read in part.

Elodie claims that she has worked herself up the ladder and was now tired of ‘well known men’ taking advantage of her and other women just because they are focused, intelligent and authentic. Elodie also accused Nviiri of dumping her and her baby cousins at a party on the 1st of January past curfew hours. She further revealed that she has umpteenth times been forced to hide bruises that she got in her past two relationships. She accused unnamed persons for undermining her and restraining her from coming all out about her abusive partners.

‘I’ve hidden bruises from my past two relationships. I’ve felt stupid and have been undermined. I’ve kept quiet. I’ve been told to stop speaking up on social media because I’ll look like I’m acting out. I’ve been told that depression means you overact etc. all are total nonsense. I want men and women in my position to raise their voices! We may be small but our voices cannot be silenced!’

Elodie stated in her last Instagram story.
Nviiri is yet to issue a comprehensive reply to these litany of accusations. The artist has only posted an appreciation to his fans and friends who have reached out.

‘For everyone asking NIKO SAWA. Thank you for reaching out,’ he stated.

This sudden blow up by Elodie has elicited mixed reactions online with a section of Kenyans online accusing the two of taking them for a ride. This faction of netizens believe that this is one of the many publicity stunts that are synonymous to celebrities promoting a song or upcoming projects. Other factions have run to the defense of Nviiri, labelling Elodie as a jittered ex-girlfriend. For now it is a wait and see as we struggle to establish the root of the matter.

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