Education CS George Magoha Roasted For Scorning An Elderly Education Officer -Video

Education minister George Magoha has rubbed the Kenyans online the wrong way after a video of him insulting an education officer in a public school in Uasin Gishu county.

The CS had toured the region to inspect the preparedness of schools in accommodating learners while observing the ministry of health protocols as regards Covid-19.

Everything had been cool until Magoiha made a stop in a school identified as Langas Primary where he was displeased by the evident lack of hygiene.

Magoha unleashed his wrath on the county’s education director for his failure to effect the directives from the ministry.

“The situation on the ground is not good,” Magoha is heard.

The elderly education director tried absolving himself but all was in vain. He was pointing at a report possible with reasons why the school was in the state, the CS dismissing him, and even asking him to leave his entourage.

“I am not talking about a report, I am talking about what is here on the ground,” Magoha said to the officer.

“…You are a fool….” the distasteful CS could not hide his anger.

CS Magoha’s arrogance has offended Kenyans who have felt for the education officer after the public humiliation by his boss.

“This is arrogance at another level from CS Magoha. You must respect your juniors, how do you call a grey-haired man stupid?. He did well not to argue with you,” Soy MP Caleb Kositany.

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