Edgar Obare Kidnapped And Stripped Naked!

Edgar Obare has finally been found after reports of his arrest by unknown men at the Kiambu Law Courts. The blogger, through his Instagram, narrated what ensued after he was seized by the police.

Obare claims that he was yesterday grabbed within the precincts of the court by three plainly dressed men as he approached his lawyer. He was then whisked to a waiting car and cuffed.

Obare narrates that the officers used a mask to blindfold him for him not to see where they were headed. He also claims that his kidnappers made a stop to change the car’s number plate.

‘I could see AK47s in the front seat, and I could hear they had police radio. They also kept taunting me that they would drive me to Kisumu to face charges there and asked me which powerful person I had insulted in Kisumu,’ read part of Edgar’s narration.

The officers accused Edgar of insulting people on his platform in a bid to extort money from them. He claims that they also accused him of breaking families with his exposès.

‘They all verbally threatened me, one saying that if I ever expose him for cheating he would kill me, another guy said he would fuck me in the ass. They kept asking me silly questions about DJ MO, Size 8, Jalango and Joho, about why I insulted them and that I should find a better job.’

Edgar claims that the officers went physical after he declined to answer their questions. He claims that he was repeatedly kicked and punched in the abdomen.

The blogger alleges that the officers offered to give him an alternative job if he committed to quitting blogging. An offer he declined to take.

Edgar claims that things took a weird twist after his kidnappers stripped him naked after cutting off all his clothes. He accuses the officers of taking photos of his private part. He claims that he was later thrown out of the moving car into a thorny bush at the kerbside of some road. The blogger struggled in pain to untie himself.

After successfully untie himself the blogger, now weak and staggering, stopped random cars seeking for help. He came by a good Samaritan who gave him water, clothes and some food. The blogger claims that he later realized that he had been dumped in Chaka past Nyeri town. The good Samaritans helped him find a taxi that brought him back to Nairobi.

Kenyans have joined in to condemn the brutality that was meted on Edgar by the police. His followers have condemned that shameful act by the officers and have called on the government to ensure Obare gets justice.

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