DP William Ruto Responds to Resignation Calls!

Deputy President William Ruto has responded to the calls to resign forwarded by pro-Uhuru-Raila legislators who accused him of undermining the dignity of his office.

The legislators ( senators and MPs) called out Ruto for apparent disrespect to the president advising him to step down.

The presser by the legislators was followed by another from their counterparts in Ruto’s camp who vowed to stand with the DP in the case an impeachment motion is tabled against him.

They credited Ruto for standing with Uhuru in the past elections and would thus not allow “strangers” to hijack an already existing pact, i.e between Uhuru and Ruto.

“ODM cannot lecture us on loyalty and respect for Uhuru Kenyatta, then the measuring tool itself is the Deputy President,” the MPs said.

“No one has sacrificed more for President Uhuru Kenyatta than DP Ruto. From the time Uhuru was MP up to now, Ruto has not only been his loyal friend but also a committed supporter,” they added.

As if the statement by his MPs would not be enough, the Deputy President has taken on his critics by himself rubbishing the “lectures” directed at him.

He took to Twitter to inform the critics that he passionately stood and campaigned for Uhuru in the past votes and that he has been a committed supporter all through Uhuru’s political success.

“99% of MPs pretending to give me lectures on supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta have never voted for him in the 4 elections he ran for president,” Ruto said.

That was echoed by Senator Kipchumba Murkomen who accused Raila’s MPs of deceit and political conmanship saying the BBI is being used as the vehicle to steer Raila to power.

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