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Disability Not Inability, David Ole Sankok Takes The Hoe To Dig [VIDEO]

Jubilee nominated MP David Ole Sankok proved to be capable of taking on any challenge his disability notwithstanding.

The DP Ruto’s diehard said he is working from home and that to him doesn’t mean to remain locked indoors, finding pleasure in joining his labourers on the farm.

Dressed in his trademark green suit laced with the stripes of the Kenyan flag, Sankok lifted the hoe dropping it like he is seasoned, fascinating those around him at the farm.

This was at his his Narok farm. The legislator has vowed not to contest for any seat in the next vote citing the political positions come with pressure which he says he can’t take any more.

Sangok says he is tired of being sought after for handouts and money while he is just an employee like any other who also got bills to service.

He says the advent of social media has made things worse as painful abuses are hurled at politicians who do not give out money.

“Politics in Kenya is very hard,” he says.

“It is a very dirty game where everyone thinks you are their property. There are so many state officers but its only politicians who are pestered with incessant demands for handouts,” he adds.

“It’s very hard to give out something you have really worked hard for. Personally, I’m not used to giving out free things. As a disabled person, I have struggled. You can’t just dish out money freely. For instance, I’m in charge of 6.5 million disabled people, even if I would give each one bob it would still not be enough as I still have other development projects to look into such as roads, schools,” he says.

He now looks forward to a position at the United Nations to advise the world umbrella on the plight of people living with disability.

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