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Diamond accused of stealing the new song Jeje from Burna Boy and Wizkid

Diamond Platinumz East African star is said to have sampled Burna Boy and Wizkid’s song On the Low

The bongo star’s fans were quick to note the similarity of Jeje song and Joro by Wizkid and Angelina by Burna Boy

Five days ago, the singer and his lover Tanasha were bashed by Brazilian singer, Iza for copying her entire Brisa video in their new song Gere

Jeje was released on Wednesday, February 26  this year.

Bongo star, Diamond Platinumz, is on the spotlight again for stealing music concepts from Nigerian artistes for use in his new song jeje after being accused again for stealing a song from a Namibian

The singer was blasted by his fans online after they noted the similarity of his work with that of Burna Boy and Wizkid.

Diamond platinumz

Jeje was released to the world on Wednesday, February 26, and his YouTube fans could not keep calm. 

According to the comments, the singer’s work is said to be similar to Joro by Wizkid and Angelina by Burna Boy.

Most of the fans on YouTube were also fast to note that Jeje’s video introduction was similar to that of Joro by Wizkid.

Others blamed the similarity on the artistes having the same producer, Kelp Vibez. 

Also, others accused the Jeje hitmaker of trying to sound more like the Nigerian singers, something that compromised his authenticity.

Diamond is back on the spotlight barely days after he was bashed for plagiarising Brazilian singer’s work.

Together with Tanasha, they were on Thursday, February 20, bashed by Isabela Cristina Correia de Lima Lima, for allegedly copying video scenes from her video titled Brisa.

Iza shared on her Instagram a snippet of the video captioning her post in Portuguese saying the singer had just copied her work. 

A comparison of the two videos shows a lot of similarities from the costume to the set design. 

In one of the scenes, Iza and her crew are in reggae like costumes which also happens in Tanasha’s case.

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