DCI Summons Betty Kyalo And Nassir Over Death Threats To Ken Mijungu

The feud between Betty Kyallo, NTV’s Dennis Okari, and Ken Mijungu seem to be gaining momentum as days unfold. Allegations about the K24 anchor issuing death threats to Mijungu and his colleague Dennis Okari have surfaced and they are said to have been summoned by the DCI.

Ms. Kyallo with her new lover is reportedly on a mission to intimidate the two following their revelation on the whole issue of child support, which Betty had indirectly accused Okari of being irresponsible to the affairs of their child.

Betty Kyallo had put up a post narrating how the sickness of her daughter Ivanna had been and even at some point being admitted to the ICU without Dennis Okari, the Child’s father setting foot to the hospital to know of her being.

It was after the indirect tainting of Okari as a deadbeat that Ken Mijungu came in to defend him, Ken confirming he- Okari had been present all throughout Ivanna’s admission to the hospital.

“Betty be honest, Okari was there for Ivanna from the day we learned of her illness and were by her side day and night…” Mijungu had said.

Mijungu’s revelation changed the perception of the whole story initially created by Betty’s catching post. The venom backfired at her, netizens bashing her for being a bitter and desperate feminist who was only after destroying the reputation of her now estranged husband, who had walked on and even married.

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Betty’s sister Mercy kyallo could not withstand the sleuth her sister was receiving and also joined to cushion her, giving her part of the story. Mercy accused both Okari and Mijungu of being insincere, saying it was pretty true Okari had never shown up for the child’s support. She added Mijungu was being used as an arsenal to cover Okari’s failures.

The case has turned out a serious one even seeing death threats taking stage. On Friday detectives reportedly summoned betty Kyallo and her boyfriend who is thought to be a Somali over threats they had issued to the NTV duo.

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Betty’s boyfriend Nassir

Reports say the Somali boyfriend was determined to execute the two journalists over intended malice against his lover, Betty Mutei Kyallo. He threatened the two using the anchor’s phone and they both have been required to record a statement.

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