DCI Sleuths Pitch Camp At Ruto’s Office To Question Staff

DCI sleuths are camping around the Harambee Annex in Nairobi to probe the staff in DP William Ruto’s office over the 39 billion arsenal procurement scandal.

The detectives are mainly interested in finding the staff who were present when the alleged boardroom meeting(s) to seal the tender was held under the stewardship of Rashid Echesa, a former government minister.

The detectives are also set to briefly grill the security guards on the kind of people that passed in and if they possibly could have their details, whether or not the parties in the meeting(s) had an appointment, who was there to receive the individuals and such mere details.

The DP distanced himself from the scandal putting it clear that his office has never done procurements on behalf of different government ministries and departments. Ruto however admitted the detectives were at his office for a span of 23 minutes.

“ODP does not procure for any ministry/ department. Question: Other than 23 min in Annex, for months, which government offices involved in the ‘tender’ did the scammers visit? Who did they meet? Get the truth. Forget the sponsored NONSENSE in media,” Ruto took to his official Twitter.

Echesa and his accomplices were said to pose intermediaries between the defense ministry and Eco Advanced technologies(LLC), a supplier from Poland.

According to the documents availed in court, the four on February 13 uttered a false agreement for supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of integrated and security surveillance systems between the ministry and LLC.

The deliberations on the fake tender were held at Ruto’s office which is housed in the Harambee Annex, Nairobi.

Echesa with the other three appeared before Mlimani Law Courts on Monday where they pleaded not guilty.

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