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CS Mutahi Kagwe Recognized Among The World’s Best In The War Against Coronavirus

Mutahi Kagwe had been in the cold after losing his gubernatorial bid in Nyeri (in 2017) after serving the county as the senator for five years since 2013.

He chose to remain off the limelight until 2020 when he was appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta to replace Sicily Kariuki who many had termed as diffident and incompetent.

Kagwe after being grilled by Parliament was cleared to join the cabinet, his coming being at the time when the world was grappling with the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

It was to be under his tenure that the country reports its first and other subsequent cases of the disease, and sadly, deaths. However many lauded him for being there when needed, and always not getting tired to instill hope and putting across what the government has done or is doing in terms of its preparedness to fight the ailment.

Even as the CS receives backlash from Kenyans online, outsiders have been able to spot the composure and the know-how with which he is handling the prevalent issue, given his area of expertise has nothing to do with his current position.

Mr.Kagwe is said to be an unlikely hero in the midst of the COVID-19 menace, being listed among other top ministers in the world including Dr. Jung Eun-Kyeong of Korea, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the U.S, Taiwan’s Chen Chien-jen and Jenny Harries of the U.K among others.

Kagwe is a businessman with an M.B.A and his traits such as being perceived as a technocrat and being seen emotionally distant has become his tool of trade during this time when he is at the helm of a docket burdened with the responsibilities of fighting the daring coronavirus.

The calm which CS Kagwe always project, and his emphasis on evidence and urge to Kenyans to face facts has been said to be his strongholds, always not showing any signs of giving in to the social media malice and blackmail.

In a recent social media poll, CS Kagwe’s crisis leadership was rated at 8 out of 10, that bringing forth hope that the Ministry is in position to win and put the pandemic down.

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