Court Lifts KQ’s Suspension of Gire Ali Over Chinese Flight Video

Kenya Airway’s suspension of Gire Ali has been lifted by the High Court on Monday after he moved to court arguing that he was being targeted.

Justice Weldon Korir ordered Kenya Airways to reinstate Mr Ali after the airline suspended him for allegedly recording the video of the China Southern airline on February 26, 2020.

The court also ordered that no security authority was allowed to arrest or prosecute Ali until the hearing and determination of the filed case is done.

Gire, an Assistant Security Agent at Kenya Airways moved to court on Monday seeking court orders to void the letter suspending him from work until the hearing and determination of the case.

Video footage of the airline landing at JKIA show Kenyan officials wearing no protective gear despite the Chinese media being well prepared for the citizens who were about to alight.

He said the aircraft remained unattended to for more than an hour and that the only people in the vicinity were Chinese media crew, who were taking pictures using their phones and reporting and recording everything.

After his shift ended at 9.30a.m, Mr Ali left for a two-day rest but between 2pm and 3pm that day,  he received a call from unknown persons, who said he was urgently needed for questioning at KQ’s corporate investigations office.

He did not go since the caller did not give reasons for the summons.

Mr Ali later received another call indicating that if he failed to show up at 6pm, he would be picked up since details of his location were available.

Fearing for his life, he reported the matter at Kahawa Wendani Police Station and requested to be placed in safe custody. 

The policemen declined to do so but gave him their contacts, asking him to contact them in case of an emergency.

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