A Mombasa Hospital Accused Of Aiding Baby Theft

A couple from Mombasa is trying to fix the dots of the scenario in which their new-born baby boy was stolen from the Mikindani Medical Centre.

The mother to the new-born only identified as Ms Victoria Zubeida was admitted to the facility on the Sunday of January 5 after she went through labour pains, signs she had completed her 9-month pregnancy run.

Ms Zubeida safely and successfully got herself an infant boy who the medics in the facility said was not in good condition and needed to be admitted for further examination.

Coming to pick their son after they perceived his health had improved, Ms. Zubeida with her husband was turned away by the doctors telling them their 2-days old son had yet not come out of complications. Later on the day, Zubeida was allowed to leave the hospital with her son, this time not flanked by her husband. She was to leave with a few prescriptions to help hers get to normal.

All along, Zubeida had met a mysterious woman who became lively with her, even offering to help Zubeida carry the baby on her way home. Zubeida happened to forget the medicines prescribed to her newly born son, choosing to run back for them in the Mikindani Medica Centre, leaving the baby with the woman. Upon coming back, Zubeida could not find the woman, neither could she spot her with her son in the surrounding neighbourhood.

I left without signing anything, and the woman offered to help me. A nurse told me she would give me some drugs for the baby, but I left in a hurry. On reaching the stage, the woman reminded me about the drugs so I rushed back, leaving her with my baby. On returning I could not find her!

Zubeida narrated

Zubeida after that became downbeat, all she could do was to wail and scream helplessly before a passerby offered to escort her back to the hospital to try figuring out the whole incident.

The hospital is suspected of conspiring with the stranger woman to rob Ms. Zubeida her baby.

The mother to the lost baby was under unclear circumstances forced to change her son’s birth date, they also allowed a stranger to access the maternity wing without any clear purpose, Zubeida was discharged at night even when the doctors knew the dangers of such, they refused to produce the CCTV footage that would have helped catch who fled with the baby. Those were just a few of the queries that put the hospital under the questioning on the role it played in the loss of the newborn.

The matter was reported at the Mikindani police station. Jomvu sub-county police commander Jason Polloh has also added that serious investigations are going on.

Residents have called on the Mombasa County Government to probe the hospital.

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