County Assembly Proceedings In Homa Bay Halted After An MCA’s Pungent Fart

The speaker to the Homa Bay County Assembly was forced to halt the house proceedings after a member blew the wind from the other side.

The business in the house had been as usual until the member could not restrain himself, troubling his colleagues with the stifling emission.

The happening was during a hot afternoon session on Wednesday after the members of the assembly had had a break.

“It was just a normal day at the Homa Bay County Assembly on Wednesday…until an MCA blew wind during a hot afternoon sitting. The stench bomb is said to have been so pungent that the speaker was forced to shortly suspend the proceedings for ten minutes to allow the smell to ease away…” an MCA testified.

This is not the first instance the particular county assembly gets on record for the wrong reasons. In the recent past, the assembly has been having chaos erupting on occasions that members do not reach a consensus on certain matters.

In August this year, the members differed in the ousting of Geoffrey Onyango as the county speaker and Daniel Kaudo as the assembly clerk. Members got split about the two officers, factions coming up to support and equally oppose them.

The members reportedly ent physical on each other after failing to tolerate the divergent views.

This was subsequent to other chaos that had happened before.

Homa Bay MCAs Cause Chaos in County Assembly -
Homa Bay County Assembly members engage each other physically after falling out.
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