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Coronavirus: Passengers Bundle A Man Out Of Vehicle Mid Journey On Learning He Had Travelled From India

Kenyans have decided not to let anything to chance especially this moment when the deadly coronavirus poses a major threat.

As per the protocols by the ministry of health, anyone landing in the country is to be subjected to a mandatory 14-day-long isolation to bar any potential spread of the virus.

An athlete who was returning from India and cleared at JKIA heading to Eldoret for self-quarantine was bundled out of a matatu at Mau Summit in kericho.

Identified as Samson Ruto, the athlete was on his way home when he began conversing with his relatives on phone.

All had been well untill he mentioned still in the phone conversation that he had landed in the country from India and was then heading to his home to observe self-quarantine.

The other travelers could not wait any further after panic struck them given that the better of the cases reported in the country are imports.

They forcefully ejected him out dumping him at the Mau Summit Police Station from where some medics from Nakuru took him before later leaving him at Kenya Industrial Training Institute Nakuru.

Ruto jetted back from India after the marathon he was to participate in was cancelled but he had challenges getting direct flights, forcing him to make several connecting flights.

He says that he was cleared at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and asked to observe self-quarantine rule when he landed on Sunday, March 22.

He says he was led to a room without power, beddings and water and has not eaten since Tuesday.

“Everybody is running away from me because I am suspected. I am not getting any help,” Ruto lamented.

The government said the self-isolation will be at one’s cost, Ruto saying he has been disadvantaged as he doesn’t have much to cater for his needs throughout the period.

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