Coronavirus in USA Causes Panic-buying of Guns

The coronavirus pandemic in the United States of America has caused a spike in purchases of guns in the past few weeks.

Previous reports mentioned how the country was having a shortage of tissue paper caused by panic-buying. The reason behind the panic-buying was attributed to fear of the unknown. It is this fear that is now causing more people to buy guns and ammunition.

Gun stores in the state of Ohio are experiencing a 300% increase in sales. Some stores are even reported to have trouble coping with the demand.

Galen Banks, an employee at a gun store, says they have been witnessing non-stop traffic at the store as they sold out their stock. He also attributes the sales to fear with people wanting to protect the little they have left.

In Illinois, non-essential businesses (including gun stores) were ordered to close down but they have seen their shelves run dry fast similar to what is seen in grocery stores.

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