Coronavirus: 13 Chinese Nationals Denied Entry To Kenya

Thirteen people of the Chinese taste were on Tuesday blocked from entering the country through Kwale.

The thirteen were among sixteen other foreigners who had also sought to enter through an entry point at Lunga Lunga, Kwale County.

The Chinese were being escorted by three Tanzanian nationals who tried to drive them in through the border before Kenyan officers would interrupt.

The Tanzanians have been identified as Hassan Makolo Mohammed, Saidi Seif Mapunda, and Ramadhan Wema Mumbeya.

The Chinese identities are as follows:

Xiao Zhanquan, Xu Shaul, Xu Duo, Lyu Xiaohua, Zhou Changyong, Jiang Chunyang, Xiao Zhanquan, Lyu Xiaohua, Wang Xiaoba, Shang Deyuan, Huang Honghui, Yang Yubiao and Cao Bingwang.

In their defense, the Chinese told the officials at the entry point that they had set out to Kenya for a noble assignment with the Bamburi Cement Ltd Co, Mombasa.

After their own examining, the border officials established that the Chinese had not practised a 14-day-long self-quarantine as required while in Tanzania. They landed in the kenya’s southern neighbor between March 4 and 16.

The thirteen and the other foreigners were thereafter returned back to Tanzania through the Horohoro entry point.

Image: Courtesy

The move by the officials to deny them entry was in observation of the essential guidelines put to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

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