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Confusion As Iphones Worth Ksh.8 Million Abandoned At Ugandan Airport

Customs officials at Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport were in for a surprise on Sunday when they discovered over 90 iPhones worth Ksh.8 million ($60,000) abandoned at the airport’s conveyor belt. The phones, both new and used, were retrieved by officials from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), who suspect that an unknown traveller left them behind while attempting to smuggle them into the country.

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According to reports, the passenger arrived at the airport on an Egypt Air flight. Officials put the traveller’s baggage through an X-ray scanner for non-intrusive inspection when they discovered the concealed smartphones and two audio subwoofers. The Acting Manager of Entebbe Customs, Simon Esunget, was quoted by the Daily Monitor newspaper as saying that “Concealing of high-value items at various customs border posts is still common. However, X-ray scanners are playing a huge role in exposing schemes of notorious smugglers.”

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The URA has stated that non-intrusive inspection through X-ray scanners has been effective in safeguarding revenue and enhancing supply chain safety and security by helping them catch goods that travellers attempt to smuggle. This latest incident serves as a reminder that smuggling still poses a significant threat to customs officials, despite the increased use of technology.

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In conclusion, this mystery at the airport serves as a cautionary tale for anyone attempting to smuggle goods across borders. With the use of X-ray scanners and other advanced technologies, customs officials are better equipped than ever before to catch smugglers in the act. So, if you’re planning on smuggling iPhones or any other high-value items, be warned: the odds are stacked against you.

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