“Chuma Ya Doshi Imeji-quarantine,” Fans Slam Willis Raburu After This ‘Awkward’ Pose

Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu never wants to disappoint fashionwise whenever on set during the controversial 10 over 10 show every Friday night.

Before going live, it is normally the journalist’s routine to pose preparing and inviting his fans for a thriller show on the TV.

With a varied way of response on his posts, Raburu has over time been good not to give in to the section of his toxic fans who have never spotted substance on his sense of fashion.

The latest to have caught the attention of many if not all is when he posed a few moments just before the 10 over 10 shows kicks off on the Friday of March 20.

The above disconcerted a section of his fans calling him out for being insensitive to fashion. Others though treated the post with humor making all sorts of jest around it.

Below is how they reacted:

Qaffie E_yanz: Watching all the way from thogonoi massive tukiwa na kihenjo 😀😀😀Hide or report this

Maureene Monamey Oteba Whoever does your casual wardrobe ameshindwa kabisaa… Keep.it neat jeans and khakis….anything fancy or trackish achana nayo,not for your body.

Lovender Lopee Doshi imekata public gathering

Wanjiru Nyambura: Watching from wanyee rd..somebody join me plsHide or report this

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Scholar KagweTrouser pia inaeda na rieng.. anyway locked githiga

Sarah GoldenHeartChuma 🥒 imekua Ya gorofa ama naona zangu?

Mary Melvis: Below the belt mambo ni different

Gladiz Peter Kanyiri: 🤣🤣🤣 your pair of trousers looks amazing

Felister Mghazo : hiyo ni chuma ya doshi imetengeza tent?

Wanjiru Nyambura Why are some people pretending they have not seen a volcanic mountain somewhere?

Mercy Bosset:Wait, hii trouser ikoje?

Crusenciah KigenAmazing Willis watching in nandi county ,watsup na chuma ya ndoshi

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