BREAKING: Omar el-Bashir Sentenced To Two Years In Prison

Ousted Sudanese leader Omar Hassan el-Bashir has been convicted and subjected to two-year imprisonment. A few though will not be satisfied if he is jailed on counts of corruption and not abuse of human rights, which greatly was part of his 30-year run as president.

Yet trying Mr. El-Bashir only on corruption charges, not for human-rights abuses doesn’t make any sense. It even does not amount to real justice for those he victimized.” – a Darfur local.

The 75-year-old former dictator had ruled Sudan for more than thirty years before his end came in April this year after the military in Darfur cooked a coup that saw his unceremonious exit from power.

The long-serving leader was tried on different counts including human rights charges, but corruption took the centre stage of his trial.

America and other European Union states had listed Sudan among countries that are pro-terrorism after Bashir offered refuge to the late Osama Bin Laden. This led to Sudan’s economic sanctions by the states, making it hard for her, Sudan, to access any financial aid from the vetos.

The leader during his reign posed an incredible sadist to his rebels and opponents and allies who dared to stand against his iron-fist rule.

Prior to Bashir’s ousting in April, demonstrations and protests had marred the capital of Darfur ironically the army ganging with protesters against their leader enfeebling his 3-decade rule.

Police in March this year raided the residence of the embattled leader finding millions of foreign currency stuffed in boxes before the Sudanese police arrested him. The charges that followed him were illegal possession of foreign currency, graft and receiving unlawful prizes.

The currency impounded in the residence of el-Bashir included US dollars and Euros. The leader ascended to power after a successful coup he oversaw in 1989, marking his beginning of a lawless ruling, killing democracy enthusiasts and abuse of human rights.

The ICC had also offered a warrant of arrest for el-Bashir but his position as the president then helped him escape such occasions to be arrested and presented to the Hague, in Holland.

The ruling by the court, according to many, has reflected the will of the Sudanese people, who lost their southern part to Salva Kiir’s administration in 2011.

“El-Bashir did a lot of crime in Sudan. I know he is guilty and everyone knows that.”– Galal Yousif, an activist who played a major role in the protests against El-Bashir.

Bashir joins Tunisia’s Ben Ali, Egypt’s Hosni Mubaraka and Mohammed Moursi, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi among other leaders brought out of power by protests.

Sudan is now under a transitional formation with Mr. Abdalla Hamdok at the helm as the Prime Minister.

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