Brazilian Man Burns His Pregnant Girlfriend Alive After She Refused To Have An Abortion

Police officers in Sao Paulo arrested a 19 year old man alongside 4 others after they forced a pregnant lady and her friend into a car before burning them alive.

The 24 year old lady was just four months pregnant when she faced her inhumane death. The lady identified as Ellen Priscilla Ferreira was in the company of her friend Ely Carlos Santos.

The 19 year old man and his wife confessed to have committed the crime after their arrest. They claimed that they planned the murder after Ellen refused to have an abortion.

‘Ellen was pregnant with the man who killed her. He is married, but had a relationship with Ellen,’ de Tarso said. ‘The suspect’s wife was also pregnant. They both wanted Ellen to take the child away, but she did not accept it,’ said one of the officers in charge of the case.

Authorities also apprehended two other men, aged 35 and 38, both of whom denied their involvement in the crime. 

‘To date, we are not sure how the victims were approached. We know what happened after they were tied to the car. We are trying to prove that the man and the woman, who are married, got together with the other two suspects to commit the crime,’ the officer added.

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