Boy Circumcises Himself Over Lack of Ksh 1,000 Initiation Fee

A boy in Itare village, Kisii County, decided to circumcise himself after his parents were allegedly unable to raise Ksh 1,000 meant to cater for initiation rite of passage.

The boy used a kitchen knife to perform the cut one month. The 10-year-old boy took matters into his own hands to avoid discrimination from his peers who were circumcised over the December holiday.

He was taken to a local dispensary when his health started to deteriorate and was later referred to the Kisii County Referral Hospital. His parents, however, took him back home as they were unable to afford the medical fees.

An activist in Kisii county, Samwel Momanyi, is urging the government to intervene and cater for the boy’s medical treatment as he is reportedly having difficulties urinating.

The boy’s health is now reported to have worsened and is expected to stay at home as schools re-open on Monday.

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