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Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi Dissects Betty Kyallo, Predicts Her Downfall

Prolific and controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has spoken on the dramatic rant by Betty Kyallo who called out her critics asking them to keep off her life.

The K24 TV siren expressed how tired she had been about her career being so demanding that she can’t live her life as she would please.

Commenting in a lengthy piece, Nyakundi says the misery manifested by Betty and others he labels as “toxic feminists” has been caused by coronavirus in the sense that their financiers have been forced into isolation with their families.

“…that said, we are also witnessing next-level meltdowns, almost rivalling the Chernobyl or Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdowns. We always believed the hype that Betty Kyallo is a strong personality who has grown thick skin from all the trolling and drama that never seems to leave her side. But a convergence of psycho-sexual deficiencies seems to be taking a toll on her as she went on a rant, clearly inebriated with some cheap liquor that she is not used to consuming. With the sudden scarcity of sponsors who spoil them slayqueens with choice drinks like Moet Champagne, your favourite IG models are back to the basics, hooking themselves up with Konyagi and Captain Morgan.

Due to the Corona Virus, Betty was forced to close her beauty parlour creating the first level of pressure in her life.

Secondly, her Somali sponsor as been forced to retreat back to his wife and kids in quarantine, lest his philandering ways exposes them to the dreaded sickness. Don’t forget that Somali’s live 40 people in one house, thus escalating potential collateral damage, With an absentee sponsor and a close business with 20 retrenched staffers, the pressure seems to be building and the walls are closing in,” C is Nyakundi.

The self-proclaimed boychild president has been on record to vilify feminists who have taken advantage of the favors accorded to them to undermine the beings in the masculine world.

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