Beware of Sanitizers You Buy as KEBS Unearths 28 Fake Brands

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has ordered the immediate withdrawal of 28 sanitizer brands from the market following a huge crackdown on the product.

Sanitizers have become the hottest commodity in the country since the first case of the coronavirus was confirmed in the country one month ago. This has seen many brands advertise and sell their own variant of sanitizers.

According to a report published by Business Daily, many Kenyans may have been exposed to the coronavirus as most of the brands did not meet the quality standards.

KEBS noted that some brands were substandard with low alcoholic content. Doctors have been recommending the use of sanitizers that have at least 60% alcohol. The agency has also noted that some of the companies selling the product have no address making it difficult to track them down.

Some of the companies listed selling substandard sanitizers include Elex EA products, Inmed Labs, Afrego Kenya Limited, Flame Tree Africa, Dhahabu Oils, Solid Base Chemicals, Vicente Gaps Industries, A&J London, and Hygiene Chemical Ltd.

KEBS Market Surveillance Director Peter Kaigwara vowed to take action against any retailer who was found stocking any of the listed sanitisers that pose a great risk to the population during this pandemic.

Any person found offering for sale products that do not comply with the Kenyan standards shall be prosecuted. Notify all your members to remove from the shelves any products that do not have a valid standardisation mark

Peter Kaigwara

Kenyans are now advised to verify the codes on standardization marks to 20023 via SMS to determine the quality of the product.

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