Bearded Lady Emotionally Narrates Her Painful Love Life Story

A anonymous lady has left netizens talking after she revealed how nature has deprived her of a beautiful love story. She made her revelation to Kenya’s leading social media influencer Xtian Dela. The lady claims that her hairy nature has held her back from dating.

She narrated how she is afraid of what her partner would say about her hairy body. The lady stated that she has hairy legs, boobs and even beards. She grew emotional amid the narration of how she is struggling to embrace her hormonal dysfunctions. The lady also revealed that she has in the past survived suicidal thoughts and depression.

Netizens, who were following her story on Dela’s Instagram stories, advised her to accept herself since she was not the only one suffering from the problem. Others gave their own experiences with their partners. Another anonymous leader revealed that she is currently in a marriage of five years and he partner has never raised an issue about her beards. Another user revealed that she also has hair between her breasts.

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