“Be Honest!” Ken Mijungu Slanders Betty Kyallo

K24 News anchor Betty Kyallo on Monday crafted a catching piece on her social media pages about the saddening run in which her only daughter Ivanna was sick.

The TV anchor remembered the nasty experience she had, thanks to her daughter’s sickness. She was thankful to everyone who stood with her, but one thing stood out. Along the lengthy post, there was a man indirectly portrayed as a deadbeat.

He was not mentioned, but uninvited, the fans to the K24 anchor unearthed him. They in fact went ahead to blast him. They said he was irresponsible. But they only judged after one side of the coin had shown. It was the tail that had shown, the head had not yet.

Denis Okari was evidently and indirectly the main subject in Betty kyallo’s story. He was depicted as one who would not care, his daughter was in the hospital and he never was there for her, that is what we were told. As it were, the clueless batallion in the comments went ahead to tear into him. They cursed him! What an insensitive man!

Our good and gorgeous TV sister got sympathizers. She must have felt fulfilled.

A day after, some other “truth” would come to unravel. So she was not alone when fighting for the beautiful innocent Ivanna. The embattled daddy was there too. He checked in most times to see on her development. He was even determined to see off the hospital bill. It was not going to be a one-person case, they all were into it.

So the batallion had to again change their view of the whole story, they are now for the father, who they had initially blasted for irresponsibility. Thanks to ken Mijungu’s side of the story. He was the neutral being here. Denis did not come out to defend himself, that was done by a colleague and a friend who was there all along.

Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo at a ‘past function’

When everyone was receiving appreciation for playing a role in the well being of the sick 4-year-old daughter, her father who happens to be Dennis Okari was nowhere. A bad picture of him was painted. He had neglected their child, but again, it has turned out not to be true. Thanks to this ken Mijungu guy!

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