BBI Proposes Against Betting and CS Amina is in Favor With It

The Wednesday-launched BBI report could not have any space for private gambling firms as it only allowed for the formation of a government-controlled program that will be used to lift different projects pertinent to the youth such as sports.

Unlike the private betting, the proposed “national lottery” will be meant to ensure common good to the state as opposed to the former which has the proceeds benefitting the individual that place the bet.

National lotteries happen in developed countries where the money got off it is used to improve social and cultural services. The BBI report advises against the rampant private betting which according to it, betting brings poverty and hopelessness.

As a way to curb the betting culture in the country, the government imposed heavy taxes on the betting firms notwithstanding the adopted harsh rules aiming at sabotaging the widespread culture.

The Sports CS Amb. Amina Mohammed opined to support the new proposal of having an official national lottery at the expense of betting which according to her the latter has no good for the nation’s future.

In support of sports I think it is a fantastic move. We have been very careful on who we allow in the country. It is important to note that we have a very young population and would not want anything that would distract them from achieving their potential. So, if it is one totally managed and controlled by government, then that is a welcome development.

Amb. Amina Mohammed, Sports CS
CS Amina weighing in on the National Lottery recommendation by BBI report.

The BBI recommendation succeeds an engagement of government and private betting companies that saw some bigwigs in the industry likes of Sportpesa and Betin closing operations due to lack of enabling environment.

This recommendation put in grey possibility of the shut companies to resume business after months of absence.

The BBI report and its recommendations will be subjected to review by members of county assemblies before getting to be fully adopted.

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