Audio: DJ Evolve’s Father Defends Babu Owino Over Claims He Hasn’t Been Responsible For Son’s Medication

John Orinda, the father to DJ Evolve has debunked the notion that Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has been doing nothing to support his bedridden son

Mr. Orinda stated that Babu has been taking responsibility and that has helped his son improving from the initial worse state that he was in while being admitted at Nairobi Hospital.

“Vile aliingia kwa nyumba naona iko improvement na iko dawa analetewa, yule anayeleta hizo dawa ni Babu Owino. Nurses wako naye mchana na usiku na hao pia ni Babu Owino aliprovide,” he said.

“Naona kama Babu Owino si mtu mbaya sana ingawa hatujakutana naye tuongee lakini hajapotea,” he added.

He also expressed his gratefulness ton the legislator for stepping up to cover the costly medication expenses that doctors have been prescribing to the DJ.

Mr. Orinda is otherwise hopeful that soon his son will be able to recover fully his current pain notwithstanding.

Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji on Tuesday said the shooting incident had affected the victim’s speech rendering unable to record a statement which is why the case had taken long.

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