Another Passenger Quarantined At JKIA Over Coronavirus

Another case of Coronavirus has been reported after a passenger flying from Beijing China showed the symptoms believed to be for the deadly virus upon arrival at the JKIA.

The passenger who is yet to be fully identified was aboard a Southern China Airline and is now quarantined at the busy airport as agencies examine the passenger’s condition.

The case succeeds another one reported on January 27 when a student who travelled from Guangzhou China was secluded at the Kenyatta National Hospital after showing the symptoms.

The health ministry later confirmed the student was not in the condition.

Kenya Airways suspended its flights to and from China following public outcry after the carrier had been adamant in stopping the flights to the country as a measure to secure the country from the spread of the virus that came out of Wuhan China.

Among the symptoms of Coronavirus is runny nose, bouts of coughing, fever and to some degree a victim experiencing prolonged headache.

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