Allan Omondi Recalls Police Brutality

Allan Omondi, a student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology has come out to tell his side of the story about the events leading to the police brutality.

The fourth-year Food and Science student remembers that Monday beginning like any other day. He attended his morning class before returning to his hostel room.

Allan mentioned that he made his way back to campus at 10;30 for his 11 am class which was eventually canceled due to student unrest. He decided to go back to his room after getting the message.

It is from his room where he heard some commotion at JKUAT’s main gate and decided to see what was happening. According to him, students were assembling at the gate to protest the rising insecurity around the campus environment.

Police officers lobbed teargas canisters at the students which caused a commotion. This is when four police officers isolated Allan and attacked him.

They never asked anything. I heard them say: “Huyu ni Mungiki student. Ukicheza na sisi tutakuua na tukutupe kwa kichaka’ (This is a Mungiki student. You joke with us and we will kill you and dump your body in the bush”)

Allan Omondi

Allan was later bundled into a police vehicle and was driven to Juja Police Station. The officers continued attacking him as he was being taken to the station. He even mentioned that he was forced to hang precariously in the vehicle.

An officer said I didn’t deserve to sit on the bench like them. He made me hang with my hands cuffed to the ceiling of the vehicle

Allan Omondi

He was held at the station for some time before he was released after the officers realized the video showing Allan being brutalized went viral. They released him without being booked or recording a statement.

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