Akorino Pastors In Court To Block President Moi’s Burial

Kenyans have been left in deep shock after two pastors moved to court seeking to stop the late Mzee Moi’s burial.

The pastors namely; Joel Mbugua and Reverend Maina explained to the court the foundations of their bid. The clergymen believe that Moi deserves a decent burial in public land just like his predecessor.

Moi succeeded Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s whose remains were buried within the precincts of the modern day parliament. The two proceeded to explain that Moi’s grave should be accessible to the public and burying the body in Kabarak would deny the citizenry the luxury of visiting from time to time.

Sababu ambazo zimefanya tuje hapo kortini, tulikua tunaomba korti kwanza isimamishe mazishi ya Mzee Moi kwa sababu kama rais alikuwa anapendwa na watu wa Kenya.Tunaonelea kwamba hastahili kuzikwa kwa shamba lake binafsi anastahili kuzikwa kwa shamba la serikali

Pastor Joel

The pastors’ basis of argument was that Moi was kept behind locked doors during his time of illness hindering Kenyans from paying him a visit.

They could not hide their disappointments for not being allowed to see the ailing former president. The pastors made a further inquiry on Moi’s real age if the statements of his long-serving press secretary are to go by.

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