Airtel Kenya Stole My Idea! I Want Ksh 1.7 Million! Popular Comedian Cries Out

Popular Kenyan comedian Coconut has called out telecommunications company Airtel for stealing his skit idea for an advertisement video.

The comedian expressed his disappointment on his Instagram page where he posted the Airtel advert. He was disappointed that such a big company would use his idea to counter its competition, Safaricom PLC.

Niko disappointed sana @airtel_kenya, a whole network inakuja kwa hii page kuiba ideas zangu ku counter @safaricomplc..please guys help me counter this by mentioning @airtel_kenya in this post


The idea in question is that of the comedian taking the role of a matatu conductor and the scene is set when passengers alight at their stage and want their balance back. The conductor does some shady mathematics that would leave the passengers who want their balance confused as the conductor tells the matatu driver to continue driving the bus.

Airtel’s ad shares the same idea with the only difference being that the conductor does the shady mathematics inside the matatu.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to Breakingnews.co.ke, comedian Coconut said,

I’d like them to compensate me or give me a 2-3 year contract. If it’s compensation, at least Ksh 1.7 Million

Comedian Coconut

View and compare the two videos below:


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