A Man Poses For A Photo With His Brother Before Shooting Him Dead For Murdering Their Mother

A man of Somali descent posed for a photo with his brother in Garowe before executing him. His late brother was found guilty of murdering their mother and was handed a death penalty. Their family members, after long deliberations, chose his blood brother to execute him.

The man carried out the execution yesterday after the family’s unanimous approval.

Nobody knows why Mohamed killed his mother.

He was blindfolded before being tied to a pole. Afterward, he was executed publicly following the recommendations of the Puntland Regional Court.

The story has however elicited mixed reactions online with netizens questioning the family’s choice. Others criticized the government for still adopting the retrogressive form of punishment.

Here are some of the reactions;

Panafri Kanguru: So what value in a family does it add for two “murders” ?
Some Laws aren’t reasonable.The brother who kills his own will be left with Psychological trauma.The killing cycle could continue for another generation.

Rabach Nicholas: Whole idea of one human being punishing another by death is perhaps the oldest & most primitive. While it is believed it sends a message to would be offenders, actual sufferers are those who remain behind (like family) not the ‘victim’.

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Ummalkhair: I will never imagine the pain that this man went through ..killing his brother who killed his mam 

Saida Hussein: Reasons why someone would kill their mother… Not trying make excuse but could he have been mental issues. I wish we knew more about this case.Only mental health can make ppl the unbelievable 

Hussein: I heard the murder was deported from Europe he wasn’t mentally Settled when he murdered his Mum
He was violent and it was known

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