A Closer Look At Moi’s Casket. Little-Known Facts

No doubt the late Mzee Daniel Moi’s send-off was full of pomp and flamboyance right from the day the body was presented for viewing to the day of is his final journey.

Among the things that stood out in the whole ceremony was the coffin that Moi’s body was put to lie.

Among his wishes for a befitting burial ceremony, Moi preferred a decent yet a modest casket to be procured for his body. He wanted a casket that would last for long without decaying. The best material to have been used in making the coffin was a hardwood.

In this case, Moi wanted the one with Mvule as the main material. Despite the casket being availed by dealers just around the Lee Funeral Home, the funeral committee had rested for the decision that the coffin is imported from South Africa.

The dealers at Lee say the coffins are assorted into two, ones for prominent people as presidents and such, and the normal ones reserved for the ordinary people.

For the prominents, Ksh. 700,000 is the least a coffin can be valued at. Moi’s was not procured from any of the sellers at Lee Funeral rather was flown from South Africa costing close to Ksh. 2 million, though with the same quality as the ones stocked by the dealers at Lee.

The material of the casket is basically a type of mahogany that is vouched for being able to take long without decaying. Apart from mahogany, other high-end caskets are also known to have steel casings as their sole material. The late Mugabe of Zimbabwe was buried inside a steel-lined coffin, which also takes an eternity to break down.

A mahogany material.

The ritzy caskets can all be classified into four, beginning with Emperor coffin which is solely made of mahogany. The Emperor has its interior lined with a pearl velvet.

Another classification is the Presidential Coffin which has a white velvet in the interior. Its exterior is always accorded a heavy brown tone. The presidential coffin also has an adjustable lying place. Other kinds of ritzy coffins are the Senator coffin and the Oxford type of coffin.

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