6 Reasons Why You Are Single On Valentines Day

The day is here. The weather in Nairobi is kind of unfavorable but nevertheless, the day the Lord made for thou to express affectionate love to each other has to be observed.

While couples rock different recreational zones, there is still a lot with no one to call their love, only knowing love from a theoretical perspective.

For the desperate lot, here are some of the reasons why you don’t have anyone to complete this life for you:

1.) You’re Way Too Stingy
Any feminine with sound sobriety will never imagine asking out a guy who is too reserved in spending their money and at the same time being too demanding. Love incorporates money at some point, though that should not be mistaken for the main factor driving a love affair between two. It is always about gift sharing, having good times, etc, and money plays a role. So be reasonable, they will flock your way!

2.) Unappealing Kind Of Dressing
Without breaking that ice, your kind of donning always say a lot about you. The impression created out of your dressing will be at play on whether or not she gives in to your advances. With the tough economy, you can afford a casual but appealing look. Forget the high-end boutiques. Just play within your means and in an appropriate way, you will be torn of choices! Thank me later.

3.) Bad Odour
Not even for purposes of love, no one can stand a stinking soul. No girl will imagine embracing a rascal with a strange kind of smell. Be it from the mouth and generally the whole body. But all is not lost. Take your showers regularly and brush your teeth at regular intervals and then give it a shot. The outcome will be amazing. Atop that, befriend perfumes and deodorants. They will help elevate you to paradise thus enjoying the good things.

4.) You Are A Perfectionist
From the onset, no one is ever perfect. Appreciate and take whoever shows up. Stop lying to yourself that “the beautiful ones are yet not born”. They will remain unborn forever while you wear out. Forget the Mrs. Right illusions. I believe how you treat her transforms her into the perfect woman or fiance you ever have been dreaming of. You reap what you sow. Take her and change her.

5.) You Are ‘Holier Than Thou’
The millennials out here are more into partying than locking themselves for Delilah vs Samson movies. They find pleasure in going out to hang with their associates. Be smart. Embrace the change and join the trail. You can balance the time for her and your source of joy, i.e locking yourself the whole day. If you had yet not seen one, again get out of your closet and mingle with people. You tend to get your perfect match out of these random interactions.

6.) You Are Too Reticent
When you become too shy you tend to remain to yourself even on valentines when couples are thrilling their selves out there. They are human beings. Be sure to open your heart to them. They will listen and possibly offer you a chance. Don’t be introverted, they were created for you and it hence is your right to demand what the Supernatural created for you. It is only that nothing comes easy!

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