50 Families In Utawala Robbed Overnight With None Of Them Hearing Or Seeing The Robbers

Families residing in a three-storey building in Utawala have been left in shock after they woke up and found their houses swept clean by robbers.

The victims allege that they did no hear or see the robbers. They claim that they all woke up and found their electrical equipments, clothes, money and other valuables missing.

Some residents who spoke to a NTV reporter, suspected that they were drugged by the highly skilled criminals. At the time of the interview, most of them were still unable to explain how the robbers gained access to their houses. They claim that they had locked all their doors.

“We suspect we were robbed at dawn. We woke up to find all our door opened, electronics missing, there are people who were robbed money,” Jackline Mueni, a resident said.

Police officers have since taken up the case with a section of residents suspecting use of witchcraft by the robbers while another group claiming that the criminals might have sprayed powerful sedative drugs to keep them dead asleep.

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