5 Unceremonious Deaths Of Muslim “Extremists”

The sole purpose of religion was and to the enthusiasts is to nourish their inner unseen beings so that they can be drawn nearer to the different Supernatural beings they all believe in.

Religion tends to alter the logic and how the believers would choose to take and relate to different subjects.

Of all, the one that has over time turned out to be more than just religion is Islam, within which a section of believers, called extremists, has held strong and unchangeable stances, putting at stake the freedom of others who have not subscribed to their beliefs.

In Islam, there has existed the Jihadi aspect, followers strictly adhering to it, cushion it with the “Holy War” assertion, the ultimate outcome being killings of non-believers across the world. That is where terrorism and -acts was birthed from, forcing the world out of Islam to find ways to deal with the challenge.

It is still a challenge in the 21st C, numbers of terrorism casualties increasing, even as the masterminds meet their unceremonious and tragic ends.

Below are personalities who stood by the pleasure of spilling human blood for religious accomplishments, but after all beaten by their games:

1.) Qassem Soleimani

The immediate former Iran’s IRGC and the Quds Force commander should not be stale in people’s memories, only a week after his death. The forces that Qassem oversaw had America believe they were responsible for the killer attacks against her citizens, forces, diplomats, and associates. Mike Pence, the US Vice President, for instance, accused the fallen commander of attacks in different American interests including Kenya.

President Trump ordered a brutal attack against Qassem, which was done by drones in Iraq’s Baghdad city, Iran vowing to do a revenge attack. America also vowed not to loosen their spirit in the fight, occasioning tensions and fears of a major war.

2.) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

America was determined to find and execute the ISIS leader. The forces of the US launched a pursuit of Abu Bakr before they got hold of him and shot him in October 2019 at his Syrian home.

Donald Trump announced his death on the 27th of October in the year, saying he died like “a dog.”

Baghdadi tried to detonate himself using a suicide outfit he had put on, in the process killing himself and his three children. ISIS has been condemned for recruiting youth across the world and carrying out terrorism, killing huge numbers of people. With him dead, President Trump thought the world had gotten safer.

3.) Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

Gaddafi was one of the known Pan-Africanists who fought for the thriving of the African continent in every viable aspect.

It would then be unreasonable why his subjects would turn against in 2011, setting the way for his exit and killing in late 2011.

Libya was one of the Muslim worlds where protests took cause in 2011, citizens wanting the status quo then, to be out. Libya was in the same chain as Tunisia, Egypt, and Syria. All the leaders in the states got ousted, some died and others charged with cases against humanity. Syria’s Bashar Al Assa has still clung to power.

Gaddafi faced revolution, with the western world fighting his chaotic regime via NATO. He vowed not to relent and was ready to fight to the last minute securing his power.

He was traced in a Calvert in his Sirte home city while fleeing after his loyal men stood against him. He was shot and died out of a gun wound.

The situation after Gaddafi’s death in Libya worsened, civilians, suffering more than they did during Gaddafi’s era.

4.) Osama Bin Laden

The face of terrorism had Osama Bin Laden as its emblem. Osama was the founder and the leader of the worldly known network, Al Qaeda, whose sole business was to effect terrorist acts and the observation of Jihad beliefs.

Before ISIS, Al Qaeda was the real threat. Notable deadly attacks by the network include the 1098 bomb attacks in Kenya and Tanzania, and the September 2001 attacks at the World Trade Centre and the one against America’s Pentagon. The attacks led to the killing of lots of civilians. Out of them that Osama got into American agencies’ “Most Wanted”, the hunt against him beginning in 2010.

Osama was later killed at his home in Pakistan’s Abbottabad city in May 2011.

The killing was done by America’s Navy Seals who invaded his home.

5.) Saddam Hussein

Found guilty of the violation of human rights, the 5th Iraq’s president was sentenced to death by the authorities in the country.

Hussein was guilty of killing 148 people in a bid to revenge against his attempted assassination in 1982. He was hung in December 2006.

Despite their deaths, acts linked to terrorism have increased and remained a major challenge in the world.

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