21 Youths Arrested in Nakuru and Forced to Quarantine

Twenty one youths were arrested in Nakuru County on April 22, 2020, for defying rules against the spread of Covid-19 and allegedly filming adult content.

Twenty one youths were arrested in Nakuru County on Wednesday on accusations of defying rules aimed at stopping the spread of Covid-19 while filming adult content.

Nakuru West Deputy County Commissioner Elni Shafi said they found the teenagers engaging in pornography, after members of the Nakuru Golf Club alerted them.

“They were mobilised through social media by their group administrator for a photoshoot at Milimani in Nakuru town,” Mr Shafi said, adding a camera man “recorded pictures depicting nakedness”.

“They flouted all the directives by the government … to keep social distance and wear masks. We have arrested and taken them into forced quarantine for two weeks according to the government directive.”

He said they were taken to the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) for the mandatory 14-day period and would be arraigned afterwards.

Mr Shafi said authorities were particularly interested in a person in the group who returned from Germany in March.

He said they suspected that the person was behind the filming of the adult content.

“We are now aware that this is the same group with a cameraman, which has been moving from one estate to another within Nakuru, recording ugly pictures [sic],” he said.

“We shall prosecute them for criminality, especially if our detectives get all the required information.”

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