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13 Shocking And Disturbing Incidents Accidentally Caught on Google Maps Street View

Google Maps is one of the most widely used mapping tools, providing access to street-level imagery and satellite views of almost every corner of the world. However, the technology behind it is not foolproof, and there have been instances where it has captured some unexpected and disturbing scenes. From crime scenes to drug deals and even animal accidents, here are 13 shocking things accidentally captured by Google Maps.

1. Police Arrest:

Google Maps captured the moment when cops made an arrest, creating a viral sensation online.

2. The Costa Concordia Disaster:

The overturned Italian cruise ship was captured on film by Google Maps.

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3. Shooting in Colombia:

Google Maps also recorded the moment when a gunman opened fire on the Google Street View car in Colombia.

4. Murder Scene:

A murder scene was accidentally caught on camera, which raised concerns about privacy.

5. Unhappy People:

Google Maps captured a group of people clearly unhappy to see the Google van.

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6. Injured Bull:

An injured bull was captured on Google Maps in the middle of a road.

7. Murder Scene 2:

People online later claimed the dark spots were made by a dog getting out of the water.

8. Animal Accident:

The Google van seems to have hit a donkey in one image.

9. Police Escort:

An image captured an officer taking a suspect to the station.

10. Marijuana Farm:

An aerial view captured a Swiss farm growing marijuana crops.

11. Drug Deal:

A Google Maps image showed an entire drug deal going down on a street in Chicago.

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12. Messy Scene:

A pre-mess photo was captured of someone apparently getting ready to do something chaotic.

13. Rude Gesture:

An image captured a person making a rude gesture to the Google Street View camera.

While these incidents are certainly disturbing, they also provide a glimpse into the unexpected moments that can be captured by Google Maps. With billions of images available on the platform, it’s no surprise that there are a few questionable moments captured too. Nonetheless, the utility of the platform cannot be denied.

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