10 African Pastors Who Shocked Us In 2019

Administers in churches have mastered ways to brainwash their followers who have had no otherwise than to fall prey to the tacts.

They do bizarre and weird things in the name of performing miracles, and their gullible faithful end up believing and giving in to what they are being subjected to. The majority of these weird men of the cloth are from the Mzansi nation, that is South Africa and some parts of West Africa.

Here is the pastors’ list:

1. Prophet Penuel Mnguni
Mnguni hit headlines in the whole of Africa and the world when he made his followers eat snakes. He heads the End Time Disciples Ministries in the skirts of Pretoria, in South Africa. He lured his congregants into swallowing the animals saying they were tasting as chocolates, thanks to the “power of the Almighty”.

2. Bishop Daniel Obinim
While anywhere the expectant are treated with the utmost care, for Pastor Obinim’s International Godsway Ministries that meant nothing. The Pastor was spotted stepping on an expectant mother, and of the least, he stepped on her womb. The pastor said he was casting demons out of the woman. He is also known to weigh men’s genitalia to “heal” their dysfunction problems. He is from Ghana.

Bishop stepping on a pregnant woman in the name of casting demons.

3. Pastor Light Monyeki
You actually need no degree to figure that fumigants like Rat-rat are poisonous, and once taken one may die out of poisoning. Faithful of Grace Livin Hope Ministries in South Africa were made to drink from a bottle of rat poison because the fumigant diluted with water is capable of cleansing their bodies and heal them from any sickness. As expected, the congregants sipped from the bottle thanks to their gullibility. Some died while a few admitted to hospitals.

A believer drinking from a bottle of water laced with rat poison.

4. Pastor Lesego Daniel
The above hails from Pretoria, South Africa and heads Rabboni Ministries. In his church, faithful were made to drink petrol because he had miraculously turned the petrol into some juice. That would be enough. A few days after the petrol incidents, he also forced his congregants to eat grass so s to near to God. The faithful ate grass because who doesn’t want to be near God?

Believers from Rabboni Ministries eating grass.

5. Pastor Nana Poku
Pastor Poku is a Ghanaian but runs his ministry in -of course, South Africa. A video once went viral showing the pastor kissing a lady whom he said was sick and needed the “holy kiss” to be well. The other members in the church yelled “amen…amen” while the ‘man of God’ was passing the healing power.

6. Alec Ndiwane
The man of God wanted to test his faith just to prove to his followers the need of having it, faith. You should be knowing the widespread story of Daniel and the lions in a den. Remembered? Daniel was unharmed because God held back the lions. Pastor Ndiwane dared some lions and where he got himself next was in a hospital.

Pastor Nduwane in hospital after lions munch him.

7. Prophet Lethebo Rabalgo
His is Mt. Zion General Assembly based in Limpopo, South Africa. He was seen spraying a repellent to one of his faithful in the name of healing her.

8. Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng
Paseka claimed to have toured God and even took a selfie with Him. He said God had sent him after their meeting to bring blessings to the believers in his church. One of the ways the blessings were to be conveyed was through women worshippers presenting their undergarments for “prayers”. Once he prayed on them, the owners would be automatically shielded from evil spirits.

9. Apostle Thamsanqa Sambulo
Sambulo is the one behind the Thy Word Kingdom Harvest Ministries that hit headlines after members sustained burns thanks to the hot water that was poured to them so as to receive miracles. The pastor led by example and was no exception he too was admitted to hospital.

10. Alfred Ndlovu
I think when Jesus did some unusual things he should have put forward the “Don’t try at home” disclaimer. He was the Son of God and thus the miracles he did were in his place. Son of mn could and cannot work out some things. Pastor Ndlovu died while trying to liken himself with Jesus when the latter fasted for 40 days. He died on his 30th day of the adventure.

2020 is almost in and we can’t help to wait for more acts of “miracles”.

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